We developed this website to impart the knowledge that we've learned with having raised 3 homeschooled children. Over the years we've learned many of the things that worked and many that don't. When we first started out there were very few resources available to assist us to teach our children. Many of the items that we used we created ourselves or got from the few homeschool suppliers and our local library. We hope you like our site and will visit us often.

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Financing Homeschooling

When people talk about teaching their children from home in the absence of any definite or structured curriculum, it is perhaps natural to think that homeschooling is cheap. But this is far from the truth. Although homeschooling does not stick to any particular text, this is perhaps more of a bane than a boon, when it comes to finance.

Financing Homeschooling

Homeschooling & The Family

According to the National Center For Education Statistics, almost 1.1 million children underwent homeschooling in 2005 alone. That's a lot of children. Once upon a time, homeschooling used to be a radical statement - something like a declaration of independence. It was the conservative Christians who advocated homeschooling in the '80s and legalized it in every State. But the typical homeschooler of the day is not religiously motivated.

Homeschooling And The Family

Social Concerns Of Homeschooling
Social skills is an area of deep concern when it comes to homeschooling. Many critics point out that since man needs to hone his social skills, a homeschooling environment where social interaction is limited is detrimental to his growth and development. But studies have proved this wrong.

Social Concerns Of Homeschooling

How To Homeschool Your Child
Now that you have decided that homeschooling is the way to educate your child, get ready for the ecstasy and the anxiety - the road ahead is a bit bumpy, but the rewards more than make up for it. Producing a well-adjusted and well-rounded personality is no mean achievement.

How To Homeschool Your Child
Latest Blog

Homeschool Math: "Thinking Outside The Box"

Posted: May 5, 2014 - 7:30pm by: Bill Hobbs

In doing your homeschooling sometimes you need to think "Outside the Books".  I'm not advocating never using textbooks or changing programs, but rather, suggesting that there are many ways to "show what you know".  It is also important to help your children see that real learning happens all the time, not just when they are filling out worksheets or sitting at our school table.

One way to add a bit of spice to your homeschooling is with a weekly Math Lab day.  On one day a week plan to leave the math curriculum on the shelf and do some hands-on learning with games, crafts, etc.  Math Lab days are also great for using math software you have sitting around, but may never get around to using.  Or how about those math games you have purchased, but usually remain on the shelf collecting dust?

Just what kinds of things can you do on Math Lab Day?  I'm glad you asked!

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Latest News

HomeSchoolLife.com Is Now Live.

Posted: August 10, 2013 - 11:29am by: Bill Hobbs

HomeSchoolLife.com has been a site in development for several years. When we started this site we wanted it to be a community site for homeschooler to meet and share information. Maintaining that type of site required more time then we had available so we reworked it into a blog, news and information site.

Additional News

Texas Homeschooled Family's Children Separated From Parents
March 30, 2014 Source: BrietBart.com
Common Core Increases Homeschooling Rolls
March 28, 2014 Source: BreitBart.com
Homeschool Goes Mainstream
September 27, 2013 Source: Daily Breeze
New Assault On Homeschooling
September 24, 2013 Source: World News Daily
Virginia Homeschool Group Fights Nazi Law
September 13, 2013 Source: Watchdog.org
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