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Posted: February 24, 2014, 10:28pm by Bill Hobbs

A Good Homeschool Resource Is Priceless

When it comes to homeschooling your child, having really good resources is key.  Your first home school resource should be your state's education department. They may even have a website that you can peruse and look for information and learn about other home school resources that may be available in your area. To find your state's education department simply type your state's name and the words department of education into any search engine.  For example type the words California Department of Education into the search engine to find the appropriate agency for Californians.  By searching this way you will also find other home school resources such as home school associations and services. There are many requirements for home schooling your children depending upon the state that you live in.  It is more difficult in some states than in others to home school and having quality home school resources can go a long way to helping you jump through all the hoops necessary to meet the requirements.

Finding The Help You Need

Type the words home schooling into any search engine and a long list of matches appear.  By checking out just a few of these sites you can find some vary valuable home school resources to help your quest. For example, the site has a resource guide right on the homepage listing literally dozens of specific topics about which to get advice and buy learning tools. This list of topics include curriculum, current events, learning styles, special needs, testing and even home schooling high school to name just a few. You can also find a list of support groups and forums where you can communicate with other home school educators and students.  This is a national site, but you will probably be able to find a local home school resource like this with participants in your area.

Having lots of home school resources is important, especially when you are new to home schooling. Teaching your children at home takes patience and discipline, and can be completely overwhelming when you first begin. You will need to figure out what teaching style will work best for your child, or each of your children independently.  This is one of the biggest advantages to home schooling in the first place, so discovering the right teaching style is essential.  Communicating with other people that have experience or training with this can be invaluable to you. Search for the resources that are most helpful to you and never be afraid to ask questions, the information you get can really help you and your child to succeed.

Home schooling can be rewarding for both the student and the parent.  Learning is naturally embedded into every day life.  Just be sure to find ways to include social activities regularly into the schedule, as this is important to a well-rounded person. 

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