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Posted: February 24, 2014, 10:28pm by Bill Hobbs

Homeschooling & The Law

Are There Homeschooling Laws That Have to Be Followed?

Along with learning how to actually homeschool a child, things like homeschooling socialization and homeschooling laws need to be considered. In fact, without considering these things you aren't going to get too far legally when it comes to your child's education. Many parents even end up in jail for ignoring things like homeschooling laws. This is why it's important to realize that there are laws in place, and to know where to find the information needed to follow the laws.

Are Homeschooling Laws the Same Everywhere?

Although many of the rules and regulations put into place for homeschooling are similar from State to State, there may be small and even bigger differences depending on where you reside. You will want to check with your specific State's department of education to obtain a copy of their home schooling laws. You should also be able to find additional resources and information to help get you started through the department of education.

What Happens if I Don't Follow the Homeschooling Laws?

The first thing to realize is that homeschooling laws are put into place in order to help insure all children get a quality, well rounded education. Usually, the only way to get around following all home schooling laws put into place by a State is to become registered as a private school. Once this is done, you are free to experiment in the ways you prefer to educate your child.

If you are not registered as a private school, you are subject to your State's homeschooling laws. This means that if the laws aren't followed, penalties such as fines and orders to enroll your child in public school are put into place. In some cases, parents can find themselves doing some jail time.

How to Make the Best of Homeschooling Laws

When it comes to working within the homeschooling laws of your State, support groups can be of much help. In fact, many parents find that participating in a homeschooling support group has helped to keep them motivated and successful. It also provides camaraderie among other home schooling parents and yourself, and provides a medium for introducing your children to new friends.

Being able to understand homeschooling laws from the get go helps to make following them easier, especially when they may be rules you don't agree with. It's also a good idea to check with your department of education from time to time to learn of any updates that may have been made to the homeschooling laws, some of which could be in your favor.

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) has accumulated a list of laws based on the state. CLICK HERE to view list (There is a fee to become a member but, some information is free).

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